Welcome to Indian Medical Council of St. Louis

The Indian Medical Council of Greater St. Louis is a private, non-profit, professional and educational service organization. The membership of this organization is limited to HealthCare Providers of Indian origin and their spouses or significant others from the greater St. Louis area.

Amit Chakrabarty, MD, MS, FRCS


It is amazing how quickly these two years have passed by. With the help of Dr. Annu Terkonda I helped revive the Indian Medical Council of St Louis (IMCStL), that had been dormant for more than 8 years to become one of the most vibrant chapters of the American Association of Physician of Indian Origin (AAPI), culminating in hosting the National AAPI governing body meeting during our upcoming Diwali Gala. This year I was fortunate to have a set of young enthusiastic and dynamic office bearers helping me in every step of the way and help to get IMCStL to newer heights. As last year we have a great Diwali gala planned with sumptuous food and stellar entertainment featuring SaReGaMa finalists form India along with cutting edge CME. We have revamped our website and enabled easy for Physicians of Indian Origin from the greater St. Louis area to become members and register for the meetings…